I'm the Shepherd's dog

François C. Nadler was born in La Chaux-de-Fonds in 1963 to a working class family. His grandparents fled from Germany in the 1930s to take refuge in Switzerland. They acquired the Reformed denomination in the hope of escaping the emerging anti-Semitic trend. Of the 143 Nadlers recorded just before the Second World War, only seven remain in the year of his birth, including himself. He currently resides with his wife Noëlle in the Valais mountains between Nax and Vercorin.  

A trained organist and composer, he is also a psychologist, counsellor in helping relationships, adult educator and lecturer. If he is no longer practicing - besides preaching - he draws from his experience rich teachings that he shares in all simplicity. To further his training, he is currently attending the GRMBibleSchool in St. Augustine, Florida.

Reconciled with his Jewish origins, he met Yeshua when he was in his twenties. His journey of life, faith and service has been severely tested, going through trials and suffering that we would not wish on anyone. They accompany his testimony as his journey, supporting and illustrating his reflections on the Christian faith, in all humility and authenticity.

His natural pedagogical abilities allow him to make his teachings accessible to everyone, demonstrating their logic by analogies of everyday life in all simplicity, while remaining deeply rooted in the Word of God.