Prophecy - Nissan 5780

« Do not despise prophecy, for this is the time when it will be said, 'Blessed are those who have a prophet in their midst. »

In the month of Tichri 5779, the Spirit impelled me to blow the shofar over the country every morning. In Shevat 5780, I spoke in the name of The-Most-Highty-Blessed-Is-His-Name, saying that the year 2020 will be marked by strong disturbances, provoking division, the war of languages, the collapse of values.

"This is what the Spirit is saying to the Church today:

The angel of the Lord came down and awakened a demon named Ak'Bakara*. At night he sows terror and during the day he poisons everything up to food, the impure food that man consumes.

Children mourn their parents and parents mourn their children.

Woe to the bearer, woe to the weeper. For the tears will become infected and the entrails will burn.

Everyone will flee to their homes. The doors will be closed, the windows will be locked, everyone will live like a hermit, holed up at home, lest the demon enter his house.

"I don't care about the cold," says the Lord. "They have abused their free will, woe is them!

"I don't care about boiling water," says the Lord. "They have chosen their way, in the Day of the Lord they shall have their reward"...

'To you who says you are boiling but is bathed in your pride: what have you done with my Church?!? You preach unity but you nourish division; you nourish the roots but you suck all the sap from them; you gather my tithes and offerings but you despise my Temple. What shall I do with you?!?

"I don't care for lukewarm," says the Lord. "Let them know for themselves what awaits them. For I have spoken and they have not listened, I have kept silent and they have grumbled. They will have their reward, the one they deserve: a lukewarm, indigestible, tasteless dish'.

Here are the first signs of what's to come. Like the first fruits of your possessions, I give you the first fruits of my bitterness. Run! Flee! For the angel of the Lord is not finished; I have given him 300 days to play the earth, and 100 days to reap.

The beast awakens. The world is falling apart, like the Tower of Babel once did. What Man counted on is no more, his wealth is collapsing, his possessions are disappearing, his efforts are nothing but wind. In vain he gets up early, in vain he goes to bed late. He will be like the grass that withers under the sun, as the wind passes by.

It's about time! It's time!' the clouds cry out. "Come! Come!" answer the angels.

There is great tumult in the sky, clouds are forming and the wind is in them. Everything is destroyed. Where there was security, there will be fear, where there was peace, there will be war, where there was faith, there will be doubt.

The army of angels is getting ready. It is strong with the ardor of the Lord. The heavens open, eyes look up, terror awakens.

The bride weeps for her fiancé. The bridegroom is looking for his bride. The bride will rise up when the Bridegroom has appeared. »

* * *

"What then, would I have rejected the children of Abraham? Would I have denied the children of Isaac? Have I forgotten the children of Jacob? Who are you to speak this way? I don't know you!

'Come, let us cut down the olive tree and take its place!' Arrogant as you are, these are foolish words; don't you know that you are grafted to the same stock?

'Let us come, let us celebrate, let us dance, let us sing, for the Lord has chosen us!' I hate your feasts, I hate your dances, I can no longer hear your songs. For your pride has no measure!

Come and let us negotiate, come and talk, sit down to mediate, for this is what you love. Give me your lessons, teach me, train me, you who pretend to have knowledge. What will you do when I open my mouth? What will you say when my voice thunders?

You're nothing but wind and dust. I have staked my life in you, but I repent. You multiply your missions, but none of them have touched my beloved Israel.

Gone are the days of evangelization! Gone are the days of beautiful sermons. It is on my knees, in sackcloth and ashes that I await you.

You will no longer reap what you have not sown and you will no longer sow what you have not reaped. Blessed is he who understands the mysteries of prophecy!

Open your eyes and see: I am sending my archangels to the four corners of the earth. They sound the shofar in the name of The-Most-Highty-Blessed-Is-His-Name. Hunt, flee, make way! Withdraw to your grounds, liberate the land, before the spirit blows you away, before the wind consumes you.

Gather my people! Gather my children! Let's go home to Jerusalem! For the bridegroom comes to his bride and with him consolation, following him with rich gifts. He has paid the dowry, he comes to take the one for whom he has given everything, he takes away the one he has always loved.

Israel! Israel! Put on your festive garments! He's coming! He is coming! »

* * *

"Come, let us kneel and pray and call upon the name of Yeshua. HaShem will hear us; and because we pray in the name of Yeshua, He will hear us. »

What's that? Do you believe that the name Yeshua is a magic word that opens the heavens for you? It is to authenticity, humility and obedience that I recognize my children! This is in whom I recognize perfect love: It is in him who keeps my commandments and observes them!

You call upon my name but you do not observe my Torah. You preach lies and lead my people into ignorance. Have I spoken in vain? Is there a single child who knows how to obey without following his father's instructions? Is the universe held together by pure grace? Do trees bear fruit by chance? It is because the sky obeys my laws that the stars do not fall! It is because the orchards follow my seasons that they bear fruit!

You give yourself great titles, you put on golden ornaments, you collect treasures, you fill your palaces with gold and incense. You reserve salvation for those who are faithful to you, to whom you give tithes and offerings. But under your shining garments you stink of corruption, you sweat of immorality, you sweat of debauchery. The time of the great harlot, who takes my children into slavery, who enslaves them, who subjects them to heavy tribes, is over. Behold, I gather together those who belong to me, and I scatter those who insult me with their mouths and their deeds.

What are these cries and tears that come up to me?" Save us! Save us! "Are these your prayers? Are these the desires of your hearts? Will I hear the claims of an unholy people? Will I answer the supplication of the corrupt man? Only one has been faithful to me unto death. Only one has practiced the Torah, only one has walked day and night in the precepts of the Lord! And that man's sacrifice was better for the Lord than all your goats and lambs. To you who pretend to follow him, behold, you are a liar! For your mouth draws you near, but your deeds distance you a thousand leagues!

Keep my statutes, keep my commandments, and do my commandments: and then shalt thou live, only then shalt thou be saved. For my instructions preserve thee from death, my commandments protect thee from sickness, my laws keep thee alive. But you refuse, you are stubborn, you despise my Word. Man hears only what he wants; he practices what suits him; he receives what suits him well. Woe to him who closes his heart to my Torah! Woe to him who closes his heart to my instructions!

* * *

Come, retire to the secrecy of your room. Put on your mourning clothes. It is man to man that I want to meet you. It is in private that I want to talk to you. Every man for himself in front of me. Here we will count your days, we will take stock of your life, we will learn from you.

Come on, get up, it's time to eat. Bitter for some, bland for others, festive for some. Face to face we will share and eye to eye we will be silent. Word for word, we will examine your actions, your words, your thoughts. No yota will escape. You will be naked in front of me. The clouds will gaze upon your life in all its secret corners. Each one of you will be put under my magnifying glass. And we'll count 10 to 1 and 1,000 to 40.

Get on your knees; hear the sentence. For I will speak, I will pass judgment. Blessed are the simple-minded on that day. There shall be crying and weeping, much bitterness and remorse. There will be be beating of the chest, rolling in ashes, crying for help. Who will be there to help you? And the angels will sound shofar and a great noise will be heard in heaven.

Behold I will appear. For he who is written in his book, he will arise. And he that hath walked in his ways, he shall stand in his way. "This one is mine, this one is mine. I have paid the price." The clouds shall cry, "Praise the Lord for his good judgment." And the angels will join them and cry, "The Lamb of God is worthy to reign!". Blessed is the man who is written in the book of the Son of Man.

Praise the Lord! Give thanks for his righteousness! For He is just and good; He is upright and upright. Praise the Lord! Give thanks for his righteousness! For he does not hold the guilty innocent innocent; he does not ignore the crooked heart. Praise the Lord! Give thanks for his justice! For he measures with righteousness; he rewards with righteousness. Let every creature praise the Lord! For he is just and good!

Original text: French
Translated with Pro